A lot can go wrong in business.

One of your employees might post a dodgy tweet on your social media profiles that attracts some unsavory attention. You might lose the keys to your office a day before a big meeting. You might even forget that you have a big meeting in the first place! A new hire might leave days into a new job, leaving you high & dry.

There’s so much that can go wrong at the drop of a hat in the world of business, and for a startup, it could spell disaster.

Technology has brought a huge amount of solutions to the world of business – but it has also brought a lot of problems.

For example, what happens in the event of a power cut in your business? Do you know how to operate in that case? Do you have a backup plan? Is your business exposed?

A power cut can bring a lot of problems, namely – a loss of data. Data and files are precious to your business and that report that you’ve spent months on for a client could vanish or become corrupted in an instant.

What’s the solution? Secure data recovery. Get your files back, get your work back and get your data back. You need to be prepared at all times for problems like a power cut and you need to have the solution ready to get your business back on track.

You can avoid issues by backing your data up securely, but sometimes linked files can be corrupted. You need to take charge here and don’t let bad events catch you by surprise. Running a business is going to present daily challenge. Don’t get caught out.

But what if there is something more sinister lurking? Cyber-criminals are always on the prowl, waiting to steal your data or financial info if you give them a sniff of it. Why would you even entertain this idea?

Sometimes you can’t help it. Even the biggest giants of business are crippled by data thieves. Take a look at the Sony hack that took place a few years ago. One of the biggest entertainment moguls in the entire world was shut down. If it can happen to them, it can happen to you – especially if you’ve got fat stacks of valuable consumer data available for them to have a look at.

Prevent the threat of a cyber-crime by securely erasing customer data and financial records that your business no longer has any use for. Ensure that you take the threat seriously. Install anti-virus and anti-malware software systems that are set to scan and update automatically. Educate your employees on the threat of cyber-crime and dodgy downloads.

You can fix a cyber-crime attack depending on its severity, but you shouldn’t have to reach that stage in the first place. Like all issues facing your business – a good plan will serve you well, no matter the issue that arises.