Whether you’re setting up an office, or you’re moving to bigger premises to support your business growth, there are essential things to look out for when appraising the commercial property market. Finding the right space can benefit your business; it has the potential to make your employees more productive, save you money and bring in business.

The challenge that remains, of course, is to select a geographically viable and suitable space which is affordable to run and within budget. This is particularly true in the current economic climate, where the true impact of Brexit and the UK’s proposed departure from the EU has yet to be felt.

With this in mind, here are three things that you should consider when looking for an office space in 2017: –

1. Where is it located?

The location of your new offices should be a key factor when making your decision as it can have a significant effect on your employees’ commutes or whether clients will want to visit your offices. Here’s a few things you should look out for:

  • The reputation of the area
  • Is the building easily accessible? Does it have a car park?
  • Strong public transport links
  • Local amenities nearby, such as cafes or shops

Do some research into which businesses are nearby to the office. You don’t want to move to an office that’s saturated with businesses who are doing the same as you are, as you’ll have to continually keep up with competition.

2. What’s the actual space like?

The space itself can make a difference to the productivity within your business. Adequate air con and plenty of natural light can help improve office morale and workplace performance. Even artificial lighting can make workers feel lethargic and depressed, which affects workers’ eyesight, how they sleep and ultimately, their productivity.

Also, remember to ensure that there’s room to grow when choosing your office space. Moving is stressful and you don’t want to go through the process again as your business grows. Find the right space for you by seeking advice from a commercial property advisor, such as Devono. They will use their expertise to help you find the perfect space to suit your needs.

3. Is It well-connected?

Make sure you check that the facilities are suitable for your business or it could have a huge effect on your business’s efficiency and productivity. Is there a sufficient IT connection? Or enough electricity points for your computers or equipment? Or a fast internet connection?

Ask for the EPC (Environmental Performance Certificate) so you have an idea of how energy efficient the building is. Double glazing and efficient heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems can save you a substantial amount of money on heating and electric bills for the building.

Setting up an office or moving to a new space can be a big step for a business. Consider our three top tips when you’re searching for a new office location – find the perfect space that can save you money, as well as keeping your employees happy.