After years stuck in the same building you first launched your startup from, moaning non-stop about the lack of space and the depressing view of a grimy car park on offer, you’ve finally saved the money to move offices.

Whilst some people are already warning you how much of a nightmare the whole process will be, you couldn’t be happier about your fresh start – plus, you’ve got a million and one ideas for creating a dream office that’ll even make Google headquarters look naff.

But before you can get excited about nap pads and gadget-filled break rooms, there are a few less exhilarating tasks to get out of the way.

Yup, we’re talking about health and safety, and ensuring your new work pad meets strictly enforced standards and regulations.

To help you tick all the necessary boxes, we’ve put together a checklist covering the basic steps you’ll need to follow. Take a look.

#1: Invest in fire safety

The law is very clear on the importance of fire safety measures and puts the responsibility of looking after them on your shoulders. Fail to get them right and, as well as facing huge fines, you’ll be putting your employees’ lives at risk.

Never skimp or cut corners in this area, it’s not worth it. Instead, look to the experts at Durasteel for the latest fire protection systems that are guaranteed to pass inspections.

#2: Think about accessibility

When you’re looking around a potential new office, don’t forget about accessibility. If it won’t be suitable for any employees with limited mobility, or impaired sight or hearing, then think about what changes could be made.

From implementing ramps to lowering light switches and having braille signs in corridors, there are plenty of tactics for making your office functional and safe for everyone.

#3: Focus on security

You want your employees to feel safe during working hours, as well as when they’re walking to and from the office, and there are two main ways to do that – hiring security personnel or installing the latest tech (CCTV, alarms, exterior lights).

As a developing startup, you probably don’t have the money (or need) for a whole team of guards, so just check that the current security systems are as up-to-date as your budget allows.

#4: Create a healthy environment

Since your employees spend around eight hours a day busily working away at their desks, you need to provide them with a healthy, supportive office environment.

Alongside proper ventilation and sparklingly clean washroom facilities, make sure it’s well-lit and the temperature is reasonable (no less than 16 degrees is the normal rule).

#5: Get comprehensive insurance

Last but not least, protect your business from the financial fallout of an accident by forking out for comprehensive property and employees liability insurance.

Legally you’ll need to have a policy, but don’t just view it as another box to tick. Shop around (Compare The Market now offers a comparison service for businesses) for the best deal at the best price, and always double check exactly what you’re getting for your money before signing up.

Once you’ve got these five areas under control, you can finally get started with the fun part of creating the office of your dreams.