Hundreds of thousands of people, if not millions are taken advantage of the opportunity short term rentals offers. But staying at someone’s home isn’t quite the same as a hotel. There’s etiquette for both host and guest to follow so that both parties get the most out of the experience. For every host the small details can affect your ratings and and hurt your income.

Rental sites like let anyone put their spare couch, bed or house up for rent. AirBNB expects every host to provide a handful of essential amenities, including soap, toilet paper, clean sheets, and towels.

These are the basics that virtually every traveler is going to need at one point or another. Expanding this list with some of the most requested amenities is a fantastic way how to earn praise and high ratings from guests.

HostingBNB wants to make it easy for hosts to provide things like shampoo, soap and towels at all times. It’s super simple but a lot of hosts forget the basic things to make the experience great for their guests.

HostingBNB sends hosts monthly packs of toiletries and fresh towels every 3 months to provide comfortable travels for their guests and a stress free hosting experience.

According to the team at HostingBNB, when they started HostingBNB it was in response to a real problem. Travelers and guests of short term rental solutions expect the basics. Hosts need 5 star reviews to properly compete and make sure their listings have optimal bookings.

Sara uses HostingBNB to provide the basics for her guests. She says this about the service:

“These packs are really well designed and thought out. I guess I thought that I was signing up for automatic shampoo, soap and conditioner because I was really impressed with all the toiletries and additional goodies I could provide for guests.

I’m spending a little less or the same amount per guest as I used to when I was buying these items from the super market but I never have to worry about it and there’s a variety of cool items guests notice. I’ve gone from an average of 4 stars to 5 since using HostingBNB.”

As an AirBNB host, you have the opportunity to amaze guests with well-selected amenities that far outdo the basics provided by most traditional hotels and apartments. Use it to your advantage to earn an excellent rating.

You can request HostingBNB invitation here.