It takes some entrepreneurial spirit and determination to build a startup from scratch, but success in business depends on far more than hard work and passion. There needs to be a strong brand and a strong service in order to pull in customers and finally achieve a breakthrough which puts you on the level of competitors within your respective industry.

Even if your company is a small team of five or less, there’s nothing stopping your startup from enjoying the same recognition as big businesses in the game. Here are six steps which will move your startup in the right direction for success.

Get online marketing right

Online marketing is so important in the modern, digital era of business. If your startup isn’t making the most of social media platforms and the potential to optimise its website for the best ranking on Google results pages, then you aren’t striving for the greatest level of success possible.

You need to be reaching every possible consumer from your target audience. This means using SEO to make your website appear before others in Google and Bing. Keywords and responsive layouts will not only make visitors choose you first, but it’ll make your brand come across as clear and professional with a website geared towards all manner of devices.

Always spend within your means

A word which might might small business owners feel a little queasy in the early days of their company’s inception, as it’s likely in short supply during your initial struggle for growth.

So many startups fail because they believe the way to become as recognised as other big, long-term players in the game is to borrow enough money to “buy” success. If it was that easy, other businesses would have done the same in their early days.

Taking out more than you can cover is a great way to bankrupt your startup before it’s even started. A budget, then, is crucial to the success of your company.

Patience is necessary in order to only start spending more money when your business is making more money. The budget can be continuously altered to allow for the growth and improvements your startup makes, but you shouldn’t run before you can walk.

Broaden your horizons

Success depends on growth, but sometimes that growth might require more than a new marketing campaign. Moving your headquarters to a town or city in which you’ve experienced great interest, perhaps in terms of stats from online customers, might help your startup find success with an audience which is very keen on your services.

You could look into a moving company if the thought of transporting extensive supplies overwhelms you. Really, there should be nothing stopping you from relocating if you and your team truly desire to succeed.

Hire driven and committed people

Perhaps you built your startup with three or four friends; perhaps you now have a team of twenty. Whatever the case, it’s of paramount importance that you’re all on the same page.

A united team is one which has a single idea about the way in which the business needs to grow and develop in order for success. You need to work as a collective. Every single employee needs to be on board and driven.

Growth takes time, be patient

Sometimes you might achieve success, but it’s only minimal. The growth you’d expected might end up being a little slower, but still promising. The answer might simply require patience.

You depend on the market and consumer demand for your big break, and remaining a strong, determined and passionate startup with a passionate brand is the key to being there when people are finally ready for your “crazy” product or services.

Keep improving the business plan

Your business research doesn’t end after creating a good product or achieving your first taste of success in terms of a healthy profit.

You need to be constantly looking at the market and the internal operations of your startup in order to assess areas which need to be improved in order to meet the ever-changing needs of your respective industry and its respective customers.