Software isn’t getting easier to use. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. We’ve moved into an age where the complexity of apps outpace the ability to leverage them tastefully. Humanity’s capacity and desire to innovate continues to push the scale and complexity of our lives.

The software that powers our smartphones is supposed to improve lives, but the simplicity we seek continues to elude us. Many pieces of software compromise our quality of life.

But software is about simplicity, ease-of-use, and a user experience that creates efficiency. Life is complicated enough. Our software systems shouldn’t be.

Software is not supposed to take over our lives. It’s meant to fit in elegantly. But many existing software experiences are badly broken. Our smartphones feed us too much information, eat up too much of your time, and promote bad habits.

Dimhaus aims to make software that fits well. The company wants to reduce complexity in your life and make your days more fulfilling.

Dimhaus was founded by James Im and Linda Dreyer. James has a background in software engineering (previously at Microsoft) and Linda has a background in data analytics and statistical modeling (previously at Zillow).

The founders believe that smartphones should primarily function as personal assistants, keeping us informed, helping us accomplish tasks, and letting us be to live life otherwise.

Smartphones as all-consuming distraction devices make people unhealthy and unhappy, but smartphones as helpful personal assistants allow people to accomplish more and live more fulfilling days says Dimhaus.

They believe the challenge of our time is to live better, not to do more.

Their first product is Hombase, an all-in-one personal data assistant. It tracks weather, events, fitness goals, budget, news, and tasks in one simple interface. Hombase gives you a rundown of your day first thing in the morning.

With all of your personal data in one place, you can manage your personal life without having to manage an army of apps. Hombase currently syncs with iOS (Health, Calendar, Reminders), Google Calendar, FitBit, online banking accounts, and RSS feeds.

Hombase is currently in private beta for iOS.

You can sign up to try out Hombase at