No two companies are the same, but the business owners have identical responsibilities across many areas. Health and Safety, data protection, paying taxes, and filing returns are just a few of them. One objective many bosses share these days is security. With so many political and cultural shifts, there are far more security issues to be aware of. Are you prepared for all the different types of security breach your company might suffer?


Looking after your employees is essential. Each day when they come into work and set foot on your premises, they become your responsibility. You need to know who is there for fire safety if nothing else.

Access cards can help you keep a digital tab on their attendance. This helps you to keep them safe. It also means you can keep anyone without an access card out of the building unless supervised. This can be essential if you have highly confidential areas of the building that need to be kept off limits.


The data you hold about staff, confidential projects, accounting and marketing should be secure at all times. Customer data doesn’t necessarily contain personal banking details. However, you should be certain any information you do hold is held securely as your local laws require.

Over time, you may need to delete old records or research files. Your research team should be using NSA approved degausser technologies so that your files and product development ideas don’t fall into your competitor’s hands!


If your business handles cash, you might need to arrange extra security to protect it. Any staff that handle cash may also need a security detail to protect them. CCTV is one way to monitor the movement and handling of money at your premises, but you still need a human to watch over the footage. These days, it is common for security personnel to undertake regular training. This could be an extra cost to consider for your business.


Even if your only online presence is a small website, it is important it is secure. Security here is often provided by your website hosting company. Many offer varying levels of support and security. Do you need the most expensive, high-security service?

That depends on your company. If your business is prone to PR problems, then hackers may attempt to disrupt your website, alter it, or shut it down altogether. You need a hosting service that can block these attempts or resurrect your authorised site quickly.


If your business thrives on market leading innovations, chances are you don’t want ex-employees giving away your secrets. Some staff may move on to new companies. If they take your clients with them, this could harm your business.

Legally binding confidentiality agreements and non-disclosures are becoming more common. They can help to keep company secrets secure. You might choose to address any shortcomings in your employment contracts or ask existing members of staff to sign new clauses. Security for any business is important.

How do you keep your company secure?