Corporate videos are a great way of maximising your company’s presence, but all the goals you want to achieve with video begin with your content actually being seen. Given that online video delivers as much as 50% higher ROI than TV ads, it begins with effectively distributing your video content online.

Follow these tips to effectively distribute your video online, increase viewership and engagement with your potential customers on the web to maximise your return on investment.

Know how to appeal to your target audience

The more of your target audience watch your videos, the better your ROI, so it’s vital you understand how they are accessing the internet. Is it teenagers who consume a large amount of content on social media or professionals reading industry blogs? Start with assumptions and follow that up with surveys to identify your target audience online.

Once you know what type of content they access, think about platforms themselves. The size of the video player and site rankings can have a significant effect on ads run by small, niche brands and regional companies. For these brands, the bigger the video and more popular the site, the bigger the impact.

Research also shows that online video ads that were paired with content relevant to the target audience saw a 30% increase in recall and purchase intent compared to ads that were placed with irrelevant content.

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram ads allow video marketers to target given demographics based on their interests, behaviours, age, gender and location. Focussing your campaign means you can more efficiently reach those users who are more likely to respond to your call to action and convert.

And with more and more of us accessing the internet via mobile devices, social media is fast becoming the most popular way to distribute video content online.

Incorporate a call to action

If you want viewers to take action once they’re done with your video content don’t leave it up to chance. Give them instruction with a call to action, letting them know what you recommend they do next. That might be visiting your site, filling out a form or putting an item in their basket.

You can include a call to action within your video content, embed integrated calls to action, or utilise space in your video caption to direct them to relevant service or product pages for more information. Generate actual leads from your promotional video.

That goes both ways: According to a study by GetResponse, email marketing campaigns containing a video had a 96% higher click through rate. When you are making broader marketing efforts distributing corporate video via email can encourage increased response to your message.

Pinterest is fast becoming one of the biggest drivers of eCommerce, with over 93% of Pinterest users using the platform to plan purchases. It also boasts one of the highest sharing rates for visual and video content thanks to it’s ‘Pin it’ button, that can be installed on a business’s website and is repinned, on average, eleven times. It’s a simple call to action that can help your video go viral.

Track your video’s results

One of the biggest advantages of online marketing is that you can track how your video content is performing. This means businesses can easily identify what activities are working well and which ones aren’t, which helps them to learn more about their audience and plan for better results in the future.

There are plenty of video metrics to consider, and a number of ways to do so depending on where and how you share your video content. Regardless of where your video is hosted, at the very least you’ll want to measure:

  • Play rate, or the percentage of people who click on the video divided by the total number who access the page where it’s embedded.
  • Average engagement, or what proportion of your video do viewers watch.
  • Click-through rate, or the number of people who complete your calls to action and whether using video helps drive this number up.

If you find, for example, a high play rate but low average engagement, it may be an indicator your video content just isn’t that good. If viewers tend to watch your video all the way through, but your click-through rate remains poor, it could indicate your calls to action are ineffective.

Use this data to evaluate the results of your video marketing campaign and work out what differences to make next time around. You may wish to change the type of content your video contains, or even target a different demographic based on data on those who responded best.

A corporate video is more than just a video, it’s a vital part of your wider brand and marketing strategy. Simply creating a great promotional video for your business is only the beginning. Coordinate your efforts to ensure the maximum return on investment.