More often than not, companies make the assumption that what makes employees happy is a huge paycheck. Today’s wave of workers is different. Employees nowadays feel more motivated, are more productive, and stay longer in an organization when they know that their health and happiness are being prioritized by top management.

Now, you may be wondering: If an impressive salary isn’t the solution to a satisfied employee, then what is? There are other unique and creative strategies to show your staff members that you care for them. Read this article to get great ideas.

1. On-site health clinics and wellness programs

It’s no secret that when employees are healthy, they are more engaged and productive. Since people spend the majority of their time at work, employers play a bigger role in promoting corporate health and wellness.

One way to implement preventive care is to put up an on-site clinic where employees would be offered free regular check-ups, health education, and medications for minor injuries.

Many large organizations are also providing gym memberships and spa services to allow team members to bond with each other at the same time. Whatever your efforts are, your goal must be to target preventable diseases that commonly affect a worker’s performance.

2. Free delicious and healthy snacks

Giving free snacks is a great way to incentivize workers and keep them fueled and happy at the office. Google is one of the best companies that follow this practice. They make sure to feed their employees with a variety of foods for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

To adopt this practice, you don’t need to offer your staff three full meals.Givingsnacks that provide a ton of nutrition can do wonders in helping them stay energized throughout the day.

A list of tasty yet healthful snacks your employees can conveniently eat at their desk include fruits, Greek yogurt, granola bars (with whole grain oats), and trail mix. Handing out these nutritious options to your staff compels them to stay away from fatty and sugary foods that will only make them sluggish.

3. Team outings and retreats

Why not get your team out of the office and out of the city to have a breath of fresh air? Company outings and retreats in a natural setting boost their happy hormones. Even without admitting it, your workers feel stressed out.

Shifting the environment every now and then helps your staff recharge, giving them a new perspective. Plan your outdoor activities in a way that strengthens friendships and build trust. Avoid those that are way too competitive.

Why not support a good cause? You could help non-profit organizations by volunteering. Other ideas include kayaking or canoeing, doing a scavenger hunt, and rock climbing. If you’re currently faced with tight deadlines, you could do a personal development workshop at the office.

4. Welcoming pets inside the office

More and more people are pushing for pet-friendly offices. Fast Company mentions that offices reap several benefits by allowing employees’ pets inside. For one, staff members wouldn’t have to spend their time worrying about their furry friends being left alone at home.

If you have an environment where your workers are often pressured, don’t wait for your employees to go home before they would be able to enjoy the stress-relieving effects of cuddling with their pets.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, pet ownership decreases people’s feelings of loneliness, reduces blood pressure, promotes physical activity, and increases the chances for individuals to socialize with one another.

5. More vacation time

If you think giving more vacation days are costly, think again. Taking a vacation is more than essential for one’s health and happiness.

Downtime or relaxation gives people the chance to recover from work’s stresses at a physical, mental, and emotional level. The problem with a lot of us is that we are more likely sacrifice vacation days for the sake of “being ahead” of others in an organization.

Truth be told, we can perform much better when we have more energy and are in a positive mood. More frequent vacation days can give us that. It doesn’t take a smart person to agree that breaking free from work once in a while prevents our health from deteriorating.