If you want to get found in the search engines, you’ll need to have a solid SEO strategy up and running. But even if you think you’re doing everything right, one task that you should not skip is your SEO audit.

A regular SEO audit is a great idea, and here’s a guide to why this is so important for any business that takes its SEO seriously.

Get an overall picture of your SEO situation

The first benefit you will get from carrying out an SEO audit is that you will get a detailed overview of your current SEO situation.

For example, you can find out how much traffic you are generating overall and to which pages it is going so you will know what is working and what isn’t.

It can be easy to assume that your SEO is all fine as long as you are continuing to generate traffic. But you won’t really know until you go into greater depth with an audit.

There are so many factors involved in successful SEO beyond just the traffic you are generating, including internal links, citations, anchor text, caching, and more, and a full audit will fill you in on all the details.

Find out how you compare to the competition

Another useful thing you can do is find out how you stack up against the competition. A full competition audit will go into greater depth so you can find out what your competitors are doing that you are not doing.

Alternatively, you can find out what things your competitors are not doing that you could do in order to get ahead of them.

See if your site is being penalized

Google penalties can be harsh for your SEO. If you have seen a sudden downturn in traffic, it could be that you have picked up a penalty for breaking the rules unwittingly, and you can find out with an audit. It could even be that a competitor is using negative SEO tactics against your site.

Fortunately, you should be able to rectify the problem and see your traffic increase again.

Keep up to date with changes

One of the great challenges with SEO is that it keeps on changing. The algorithms change all the time, and you need to make sure you are not only being compliant but that you are following all the latest best practices to improve your chances of ranking.

A comprehensive audit will show you what you are doing that could be improved and what you should stop doing so you can keep up with all the latest guidelines.

Fix errors

You could find any amount of errors in your website that is affecting your SEO from minor issues to much more serious problems. With some of these, you may be able to make small changes that have a drastic impact on your overall traffic.

Improve your link profile

Another thing you can find out during an audit is information on your link profile. You may have built up too many low-quality links over time that can hurt your ranking, and if so you can clean up your profile.

You can also find out where most of your quality links are coming from, which can help when it comes to determining your overall strategy. Perhaps you can change which companies you are targeting and the content you use to get links.

Should you hire a specialist?

All of these are clear benefits of carrying out an SEO audit. The only question left to ask is how you should do your audit.

One option is to hire a specialist SEO agency, and for an in-depth audit, this is the best option. Prices vary, and some will be more comprehensive than others, so make sure you know exactly what is included.

Alternatively, you can use an SEO audit tool. This can be a great place to start, and these vary in what they can do. You can use some to find out how well a particular page is performing for a keyword you are targeting.

Plan for a regular SEO audit

However, you carry out your SEO audit, make sure this is something that you do regularly from now on.

SEO is something you have to keep on top of at all times because it keeps on changing. So carry out a regular SEO audit and make sure you stay on top of your SEO and gain an advantage over your competitors in the search engines.


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