Becoming an entrepreneur is never easy. It takes dedication, commitment and hard work. It’s understandable you’d be nervous and excited at the same time. You need to make sure you have the finances to get started and proper knowledge about keeping your business afloat. There’s a lot to contemplate, and it can feel overwhelming.

Step back and make a list of what you’ll need to succeed. You want to make sure you’re putting yourself in a favorable position with each decision you make. Learn what information you need to weigh as you get started. See what to consider when growing your tax preparation business.

Choosing a Location

Opening your own business means you have your own storefront. You get to pick and choose where you want your office to be located. Decide how far you want your work to be from where you live and the best location for finding clients. It’s a very important choice, so tour lots of different locations and make a pros and cons list. See if you can picture yourself going to work each day in the location you’re considering. Make sure it feels right before fully committing.

Selecting Software

You’ll need software, tools and resources to run your business. Meet with different vendors and choose the best professional tax software for your new company. Not all tax software is made equally. You should expect a stable and reliable software environment to keep your data safe for years to come. See a demo and test it out yourself. You want the software to work with you and help you power your tax business into a future of long-term success. Choose a package that’s right for you and enjoy the benefits of premium tax software.

Hiring Staff

You’ll want to make sure you plan and budget for any staff you’ll be hiring. Determine how much help you’ll need and what you’ll have to pay employees. They’ll need places to sit and access to tools and resources that’ll help them do their job. Managing staff will take time and energy from you. Put people in place who are going to make your job easier. Be smart when you’re interviewing and deciding who to hire. The last situation you want is people quitting during your busiest times. Make sure the staff you hire understands the workload and responsibilities before accepting the position.

Growing Clients

Most importantly, you’re going to need clients to serve. When you branch off on your own, see if any current or previous clients will follow you to your own business. Depending on how many do, you’ll also need to spend time finding new customers. Put a plan in place to reach out to those who you think would benefit from your service. Work hard to secure enough clients to get you started, and eventually stabilize and grow your business.


Launching your own business is an exciting adventure. Understand what it’s going to take to thrive before you get started. This is what to consider when growing your tax preparation business.