Starting a new business is incredibly complicated. There are countless hurdles that arise including creating a business plan, figuring out how to incorporate your business, and hiring a lawyer to complete the process.

Once you’ve jumped through all the red tape you will need to make money.

The most important aspect of owning a business is completing transactions. To do this you need to be good at closing a deal.

Many products sell themselves but the market is flooded with competition and it can be extremely difficult to close a deal. The true ability to close a deal is to weave these common strategies in with the normal conversation.

Your communication style can convince a customer that you are trustworthy and the sale will be made before an offer is even presented.

These are three effective strategies that you can use to close a deal.

Many people need to be finessed into purchasing a project but there is a large group of people that prefer to cut through the rubbish and be asked directly if they would like to make a purchase.

However, these customers may still enjoy some basic information about the product before they make a purchase.

These can turn into tricky situations because many people already have their minds made up that they want to say no.

If this happens to you, remain calm and tell them the offer is always on the table and they can call back at any moment if they reconsider. This will give them time to sit on it and you will get a call back in no time.

Everybody loves to save a few dollars on a product they were already planning to buy. This is especially true when you’re selling products to a company run by people who earn a percentage of the company’s profits.

Sales are incredibly effective at closing a deal.

For this reason, you should give your employees some financial leeway when closing a deal. Your company will make a profit no matter what so it’s better to make a sale and impress a new customer.

If the customer doesn’t want to make a purchase follow similar steps as above. Let them know the discounted offer will stand for a week and their business is always welcome at your company.

The last suggestion would be to come across as a genuine person when making a sale. Be human. Business is personal. Show that you care.

Nobody wants to give a greedy person their money because they feel forced into it.

When you make a connection with someone they will feel more comfortable making a purchase from you and they will want to make their purchases from you in the future. You should also treat every customer as if they’re your most valued client.

These small connections over the course of many transactions will make lifelong customers.

If you follow these steps you will be racking in the sales in no time. Always treat your customers with respect because they can always take their business elsewhere.