If you are an online business, there would be few more powerful allies than online customer reviews. A recent survey suggests that 88% of customers read existing online reviews to determine the worth of a local business. 93% of people check online reviews before dining, ordering food and even shopping.

Consequently, it doesn’t quite help how good a website you have or how compelling your products/services are. You should have a strategy in place that helps the business earn, manage and share positive online reviews. This is the only way to reach out and stand against competition in the modern marketplace.

While all kinds of business depend on the kind of online reviews they have, some of them, especially in the service sector, live and die by reviews. Here are the top 5 industries/businesses that find online reviews to be crucial and if you are a part of the industry, it time that you do more to spread the work through your customers.

1. Food delivery services

People are very particular about what they eat and what they eat, especially if they are paying for a home delivery. While the choices are many, it is through reviews that they find a service provider that match their needs and requirements. There could be several things that the customer may be gauging – food quality, delivery time, price, etc. Even when customers are looking for a restaurant to eat out, they will gauge for these details through online review statistics.

2. Hotels

In the hotel industry, the star rating can be the making or breaking of a business. Tourists and travelers today prefer booking their accommodation through online platforms and as compared to traditional means of finding a hotel, the requirements are more. While budget, location and room types are mandatory filters, potential guests would also be looking for reviews that talk about the service. They constantly seek the feedback of past guests who readily share their experiences. After all, no one wants surprises on a vacation!

2. Dentist

Dental clinics are another business that has started depending on online reviews. The primary reason is the competition that exists in the market. With so many clinics in a neighborhood, it’s hard to make a choice. The only way to differentiate is the actual customer experience and this is spoken of in the reviews!

3. Salons / Spa / Wellness Centers

Easy to understand, when it comes to fashion and the way you look, it is always safe to depend on a professional with a positive reputation. Customers are willing to pay for good services as it will go on to define them. Consequently, businesses should be aware of unique salon marketing tips that give them an upper hand against the competition in the neighborhood.

4. Events

Short run events use the power of social media and online reviews to showcase the experience the guests have. If you are organizing something special, you need people to speak about it to get more people to come! Online reviews and word of mouth are essential to meet your goals.

So, if you haven’t yet started building an online review strategy for your business, it’s high time that you buckle up!