Doesn’t it seem to be fortunate enough that you can manage multiple accounts from one place, where ‘one place’ means one account? You just have to create an account and then organize all your plans through that account. Much unlike other project management tools, Wrike offers its users an extremely convenient way of achieving information awareness of all kinds of projects. In short, you are allowed to share any definite part of your project plans with the right associates and then handle the entire task from one workspace. Moreover, you can keep the information of the clients secure through this software.

Wouldn’t you love to see the benefits of this amazing project management software so that you too can get intrigued enough to use it? Here are few that you should take into account.

#1: Wrike gives us a team that’s always connected

As more and more companies have started relying on remote workers, there are high chances that your project includes workers whom you don’t meet personally in the office. If you use the benefits of the cloud, your remote employees can always stay connected as efficiently as they should be. Wrike is such a cloud-based project management software which virtually creates a central workplace and includes a timeline maker that can be accessible by anyone from any place. Communication becomes seamless.

#2: Wrike offers access that’s reliable

Did you ever ask one of your employees to email you some vital document? Or did you have to guess the password of a colleague who’s missing so that you could get access to his presentation slides for a single day? Such tasks could be daunting and intimidating. But when your project is there on the cloud and has critical path scheduling, your entire team can get easy access to all sorts of information from anywhere. Cloud software for project management like Wrike keeps information right at your fingertips, regardless of where you are. To make things even easier, they even have a top-rated iOS and Android project management app available.

#3: Wrike’s advanced fees are nominal

Keep aside the credit card of the company as you won’t require any new hardware or any sort of costly installation of software or some IT staff who will configure and maintain the new software. When you’re working on cloud apps, all that you require is a strong internet connection and the computers which your team uses. With best quality customer service, troubleshooting and technical support are constantly available.

#4: Wrike’s technology is not costly to maintain

While managing complicated projects with different moving parts, it is essential to have technology that is easy, functional and simple to maintain. Wrike offers enterprise-level features which don’t need complicated procedures of installation and you don’t need to pay for new versions to get 1 or 2 new features which you want. You can actually reduce the time which you spend offline in checking the requirements of the system.

#5: Wrike offers 100% security

Worthy project management software provides 100% security utilizing highly secured servers and data centers which have inbuilt disaster recovery. If by chance you spill water on your laptop you lose your entire office in a hurricane, you can still resume work without your heart skipping even a beat since all the vital information will remain stored in the cloud. Even when your laptop is stolen, you just have to log into your online account and get access to all sensitive data.

#6: Wrike’s speed is incredible

When you’re using cloud software, you’re running everything in a flash. You just have to sign up with the website of the company and immediately set up and access their new tool. Whenever there are new security updates or features that are released, they are instantly available to you. You don’t even have to wait for months or even a week to upgrade your current application to the new one in order to get access to the new features.

#7: Wrike is extremely cost-effective

More than 85% of the companies reported that moving everything to the cloud actually saved them their hard-earned dollars. Cloud services usually provide a variety of prices based on features or the size of the account. Hence small businesses and teams can get easy access to specific tools which they couldn’t otherwise afford to use. Majority of the cloud apps also allows you to add new users as per requirement and you can again scale back when your team cuts off employees.

Are you intrigued by what Wrike offers? If you answered yes, what are you waiting for? For the best task management software, get your software installed to reap the above-mentioned benefits and ease off the complex office jobs.


  1. Wrike is quite good, but if you don’t have the money, you can get the same set of features in Bitrix24 or Redmine.

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