Social media makes and breaks careers – fact. A straightforward error on Twitter can last a lifetime. Just ask the people with Twitter-fingers who like to make drunken posts at three in the morning. But, Twitter isn’t the only platform with influence and power. In fact, it’s not the leading platform because that honour goes to LinkedIn.

With an excellent profile, employers will come knocking at your door. However, to entice them, it is essential to provide their favourite features. With that in mind, the following traits are the things businesses love to see on LinkedIn.

A great resume

Now, it’s worth pointing out LinkedIn isn’t a recruiter site. It’s a networking one which aims to put like-minded people in contact with one another. Still, the function has evolved over the years and LinkedIn plays a significant role in job recruitment.

As a result, employers want to see the latest job descriptions and qualifications. Take a look at Issa Asad Quadrant Holdings page for more info. Of course, there are limits to what you can and cannot make public. So, anything which is better off staying private shouldn’t go on your profile, just like a resume.

You professional headshot

Lots of account holders treat their profile photo like a passport and don’t smile or make any facial expressions. Don’t worry because it isn’t going to get rejected and cost you money. Indeed, it will help you engage with potential employers who comb through endless pages of profiles.

The reason is that businesses want their workers to have personality and charm. If you’re a salesman, for example, they are two crucial elements of the job. Also, a smile helps make a good first impression because they assume you are a nice person with a can-do attitude. Go on – dazzle employers with your pearly whites.

A relevant headline

The number of people who write “actively seeking opportunities” on their profile is ridiculous. Everyone knows this to be true. Otherwise, why would you be on LinkedIn? Also, it shows a lack of understanding. The headline should sum up your career in a handful of words.

It sounds difficult, right? Well, it isn’t if you know what to write. As a rule, try and use keywords and phrases which register on employer’s radars. “Experienced,” “go getter,” and “manager” are three terms which appear to get results. And, don’t forget to mention the industry in which you work.

A simple summary

Highlight what’s in it for businesses or recruiters to contact you, such as your achievements, honors, and success stories. Use short copy blocks and bullet points so they can read your summary easily. Make it mobile friendly. Don’t write a complete essay. Nobody wants to read that. And make sure to include keywords about your industry for easy searchability.

A well-connected account

As you know, LinkedIn is a site which attempts to bring entrepreneurs and business professionals together. Therefore, your profile needs to show employers you are well connected. For one thing, it’s a sign that you know how to use the platform correctly. The most effective people have robust networks, and your LinkedIn profile should represent that.

More importantly, your connections validate your application. Say you boast about being a manager of a reputable firm, your contacts should reflect the fact. Not only is it a sign you are telling the truth, but connections are something the business can exploit.

Is it you they are looking for on LinkedIn? Yes, it will be if you follow the criteria above.