According to Mckinsey Global Institute, productivity improves by 20-25% in organizations with connected employees. Business communication is rapidly changing and, as a result, many companies are adapting quickly to maximize productivity.

Instant messaging (IM) is increasingly becoming popular in the business world. In recent times, IM has been repurposed as a clever, efficient and cost-effective tool for keeping in touch with business colleagues, customers, suppliers, investors and prospective clients.

Zoho has launched a new productivity tool to help your business communicate and collaborate better. Cliq, a chat app for your desktop and mobile device blends instant messaging with video, audio, and group conferencing to create a unified communications system for businesses of any size.

“More companies around the world are turning to chat for real-time, internal collaboration,” said Sridhar Vembu, CEO of Zoho Corp. “But sometimes text isn’t enough, and chat software must also be able to handle voice and video communications as well as the documents, images, and other data related to the work at hand. Cliq supports this kind of dynamic, company-wide collaboration. And it provides a degree of future-proofing thanks to its unprecedented extensibility and strong developer community.”

Cliq integrates with Zoho and third-party applications to bring your relevant data into the Cliq window, providing chat participants contextual information about the topic being discussed.

What Cliq can do for your business

Through Cliq, Zoho provides users with real-time messaging between team members and different departments to foster rapid decision making. Why send email back and forth when you can chat in real time?

Cliq makes sharing files with your colleagues easy. No need for email attachments—just drag and drop a file into the chat window and send it across.

Files of any format can be shared via the chat window in seconds. Separate channels can be created for individual teams, specific projects, company-wide discussions, and other collaboration.

Channels can reduce the need for time-consuming meetings, while still keeping everyone in the loop.

Cliq’s unique group video calling feature, PrimeTime, removes the chaos of a normal group video call and lets people take turns speaking to the other video callers.

The productivity tool also supports standard, one-on-one and group calls — both audio and video — which users can start right from their chat window.

Cliq can also delegate all your administrative tasks to Zoho’s Intelligent Assistant, Zia. You can create event and meeting reminders in Cliq, and participants will receive reminders before the meeting.

Zia creates the group chat before the meeting, adds all the participants, reminds them of the meeting, asks them to share files, takes notes, shares minutes of the meeting, and archives the group chat for future reference.

With mobile apps on all major platforms, Cliq keeps you connected, no matter where you are. Cliq is available on mobile and desktop across all the most popular operating systems.

Cliq is available now on iOS, Android, and Windows mobile platforms, and also for OS X, Windows, and Linux desktop computers.

Try Cliq now or schedule a demo to understand how Zoho Cliq can help enhance your business collaboration and make teams communication effectively.