Despite the growth in demand for smartwatches, the luxury watch industry is still growing. Great watches still experience healthy consumer interest. John Philips is a new luxury brand founded by two fashion enthusiasts with the goal of redefining the classic luxury watch.

According to the founders, the idea of designing a timepiece came about after analyzing the current affordable luxury and minimalist watch market and realizing that there was a common trend.

It appeared that the majority of watch brands were not taking risks with their design approach, in fact, some were just imitating the same designs, thus having no point of difference, they said.

We also quickly realized that there was a big gap in terms of quality, design, and price of the affordable watch brands and the exclusive luxury brands. In order to close this gap, we set out to design a stylish and unique timepiece with all the components you would expect from the exclusive luxury brands but without the hefty price tag, the founders stated.

When designing our watch, the goal was to create a luxury timepiece that was both minimal and sophisticated. To achieve this, we went with a round lug-less case instead of the traditional watch case to create an overall minimalist and streamlined look, they further said.

The lug-less case coupled with 3 double layered auxiliary dials gives us a watch face similar to what you would find on complex luxury watches like chronographs and calendar watches. The only difference is that we decided to have all these complex movements to be controlled by a single crown instead of three, preserving that overall minimalist look, the founders said in a publication.

John Philips watches are crafted utilizing the highest quality stainless steel (316L), which offers the highest strength, durability as well as a long last style and artistry.

In fact, the team at John Philips are so confident in the quality of their watches that each timepiece is backed by a 5-year warranty.

If at any time over the next 5 years your watch should ever stop working for any reason whatsoever… simply contact them and they will either fix your watch or send you a replacement.

Affordable Luxury Timepieces is raising funds for the new John Philips Watches on Kickstarter.

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