The idea of starting up your own unique business is one which many of us will have in our lifetimes. It is a way to break away from the monotony of the 9-5 culture and make a new life for yourself and your family. Starting a business is a long, difficult road and you need to be prepared to take a lot of time to create your masterpiece. However, the first step to breaking away and starting from fresh is coming up with a great idea- and this can often be the hardest part. So how do you come up with a great startup idea?

It needs a selling point

The whole idea of inventing a startup is to offer something to people which they would never have got before. You need to think of how you can change people’s way of doing certain things in their lives. The first option is to make something difficult easy- a lot of the time this could be looking at something like communication, getting food and other things. If you can make something more convenient for people, they will use it.

The second option is to make something cheaper. If you want to grab someone’s attention you need to be able to make something which is normally expensive much cheaper. For example, if you offered designer clothes for 50% off you would gain a large market. The last option is to entertain.This could be music, games, videos or pictures.

Solve a problem

The best way to look at your startup idea is to think of how you can make your customers happier. The market for your product may end up being a little bit smaller because of this, but it will be a customer base who is incredibly loyal to you and happy with what you are doing for them. If you can find a problem which many people have and solve it, you can make a pretty penny. Focus on solving a problem to increase your chances of success.

Social or Commercial?

One of the types of idea you can come up with is a social idea. This will be things like Twitter, Flipboard, Pinterest and Instagram. They all provide ways to talk to people and communicate through different means. You can refer to this site to see the trends which are going round in social media at the moment to help you find ideas.

Commercial ideas will consist of ecommerce sites that allow users to buy a product or service online and use it to their heart’s content.

Something people can understand

The best way to make something which you know will help other people is to make something you know would help you. If you can solve a problem you have yourself, then you can make it the most perfect it can be and it will be able to solve issues for everyone else too. By understanding your own issue and how to solve it, you can understand what other people are going through and make the perfect business for them too.