Kristen Lynn is making her second album with The Foxgloves. 5 years ago she launched her first Kickstarter campaign and raised funds to make her very first album titled “LALA” (dedicated to her mother who passed away 13 yrs. ago). She couldn’t have done it without Kickstarter pledges. Since then she has learned a lot of lessons. Kristen is back on Kickstarter to launch her second album.

Kristen Lynn & The Foxgloves are a Gypsy-Jazz, Folk, Americana Band from Los Angeles, CA. The Foxgloves are Syd Everatt on Slide & Lead Guitar, Clayton Hamburg on Upright Bass, Johnny Sneed on Drums and Stephen Spies on Fiddle.

They have 13 new songs recorded and mixed and can’t wait to get this newer, bigger, sweeter, sometimes darker sound out into the world. This album is colored with a gypsy-jazz vibe to a vintage swing all the way back around to the sweet folksy sound of where they all began.

Kristen Lynn is a singer-songwriter from Philadelphia based out of Los Angeles, CA. Her debut album, “LaLa” is a beautifully crafted full-length album. Kristen Lynn’s unique voice and Jazz-Folk-Americana style is sure to capture the hearts of many. A fresh take on instrumentation, her Banjolele gives the full band sound an old-timey, yet modern feel.

Here is their Studio Recording of “Bella Ciao” (which will be on the new album)

Help Kristen Lynn & The Foxgloves finish this baby and get it out there by pre-ordering your album today!

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