Opening a gym is a huge step for entrepreneurs. However, it can be the perfect next step to take for those who have a business mindset with an internet in health and fitness. Opening a gym can be extremely lucrative, but so much research needs to be put in beforehand. If you open a gym like every other gym in the area, then it isn’t going to get you very far. Here are some questions you must ask yourself before opening your gym:

What sort of gym do I want to open?

There are all kinds of gyms you can open, so firs, you need to get super clear on the sort of gym you’re opening. Now is a good time to start creating your fitness plan. Do you want to own a franchise, or start your gym from scratch? Bear in mind you’d be mistaken if you thought a franchise would be easier than starting from scratch! You still have to build a reputation and get people through the door.

Do you want your gym to be ladies only, or all inclusive? What facilities will you have? Will you be mainly a gym, or an overall wellbeing centre? Will you offer day passes, or will it be member only? Make sure you consider absolutely everything about your gym. The way you start designing your gym now will affect the sort of atmosphere. For example, a traditional powerlifting gym is going to have a very different atmosphere than that of a ladies only gym.

How will we retain members?

Your number one concern when opening your gym will be making sure you can not only get members through the door, but keep them there. How will you do this? You need to offer incentives, such as a discount, a free month, or something else that will appear attractive to the gym goer. This is especially important if there are other gyms in the area, as you want their members to come and try you out! When it comes to member retention, facilities are everything. Will you offer classes? Perhaps you should research what’s missing from gyms in the area? Keeping your facilities clean and running smoothly is a must too. If you’re always out of hot water, you’ll only damage your reputation.

Where will my gym be located?

The location of your gym is going to be crucial to its success. How will people get to your gym? Will there be ample parking? It isn’t a good idea to open up in the middle of nowhere. Transport links should be dotted around.

What will my gym look like?

Do you have an idea of what your gym will look like? All gyms should be clean, hazard-free, and have plenty of room, but the decor matters too. Natural light is important – a gym that doesn’t have any can zap a person of energy, and that’s not what they want when they’re supposed to be working out! Bear in mind that if you choose to have a ladies only area in your gym, you should do it properly or not at all. A few treadmills and mats just isn’t good enough.