Having an online or offline business today is challenging, and to remain competitive, you might need to up your game and take advantage of the cloud technology to wow your customers. Thanks to the seamless communication platforms offered by the cloud, you can now communicate with your customers better, understand their needs, and stand out from the crowd as a business that really looks after its partners. Find out how cloud technology can help you boost your customer satisfaction below.

1. Answer questions online

The best way to implement excellence in customer service is to answer questions immediately. If you don’t yet have a web chat service on your site, it might be time to implement one. Alternatively, you could get a business suite set up that will help you communicate with customers without having to answer the phone. An online support system on the cloud can save you money and deliver great service without asking your customers to make a call.

2. Provide contracts and invoices through the cloud

Another way of making your customer service more effective and saving money on postage and printing is by creating and sending contracts on the cloud. If all your accounting is moved online, you can send out invoices, get people to e-sign their contracts, and schedule payment reminders. This will save you money and time, as there is no need to file and print every business document.

3. Complete customer satisfaction surveys

To find out more about your customers, you can create cloud-based surveys that will give you a great idea of how happy your existing clients are and how likely they are to recommend you to their friends and colleagues. Further, if you are planning on creating a new product, you can ask your website visitors and verified customers before you would finalize the design. Customer satisfaction surveys hosted on the cloud such as the Microsoft 365 Business suite can take care of all your market research.

4. Share free information

To stay engaged with your customers, you could also share educational videos with your customers. If you have a lot of support questions about a particular product and you want to show your customers how to use it and make the most out of it, simply create a video training or a presentation on the cloud and share it with them via email. By giving out free tips to your valued customers, you can build better relationships.

5. Deliver your digital products safely through the cloud

If you sell digital products online, you can deliver them through the cloud. Create a customer relationship portal that allows your clients to download their purchases, ask questions, and pay their bills. This way, you will not have to email the links individually and simplify the buying process for your clients.

Cloud computing offers plenty of opportunities for businesses to improve their customer service and deliver support. Make use of the latest technology to serve your market better, and improve customer satisfaction. Cloud-based software is getting cheaper and smarter every day.