When you think of rubber stamps, do you picture a Post Office or an office admin pressing stamps into an ink pad? While these scenarios are often associated with rubber stamps, there is more there are various other interesting uses for a stamp that you might not be aware of. From using them as motivational tools to breathing new life into dull household items, the options are endless if you put your mind to it.

The first ever stamp was said to be Sir Rowland Hill’s postage stamp, which began circulating Ireland and Great Britain way back in 1840. As a result of this postal reform, the future of the mail was changed forever. Something else that can be transformed by using stamps is the future of your business. One such way is to generate customer loyalty with a loyalty card scheme.

Prime examples of brands using loyalty card programs

Even some of the most successful companies out there will make use of basic stamping tools to boost morale. Let the following examples inspire you to do the same:

    • McDonald’s – This fast food company is famous for its loyalty programs, which reward frequent customers for visiting the fast food chains and ordering a drink/food. The latest loyalty program is the Coffee Loyalty Scheme. When a customer collects six stamps featuring a small image of a coffee bean, the card can be redeemed for a steaming hot drink of their choice.


  • Waitrose – Each time a Waitrose customer steps foot inside a local store, they can show their myWaitrose card at the Welcome Desk. This unique card entitles them to free coffee and tea whilst they shop, as well as discounts on fresh products. Customers can also collect points when shopping online, just as they would collect stamps, for extra rewards.
  • Starbucks – Over the years, this coffee chain has generated a lot of interest with its stamp-collecting loyalty cards. Stamps can be collected upon purchasing a drink and once the card is full, it is worth one free Americano, cappuccino, latte or tea.


Customizing rubber stamps with images and text

Think about what impact you want to create with rubber stamps. You may be surprised to discover just how much of an effect a small stamp can have, whether it features a brand logo that sticks in the mind of anyone who sees it, or perhaps a slogan or quote that can be associated with your brand.

By choosing a customized option, you will have the opportunity to get a brand new stamp molded with your preferred digital image and text. Why not capitalize on this by including your company contact number, too? If you plan on doing this, don’t forget to include an email address or the web address for your company’s official website.

Using loyalty cards to gather customer data

Imagine you develop a loyalty card scheme that promotes a range of shoes, for example. Each pair of shoes comes with a brand new stamp, depicting a character, picture, number, etc. When a customer’s loyalty card is stamped with all of the attainable stamps, he or she will be presented with a chance to claim a free gift or maybe even a discount on another item. Request their contact information each time they redeem a gift and keep this data on file for your future marketing efforts, such as email newsletters.

Discovering buyer habits with stamped loyalty cards

You can use loyalty cards to determine what each buyer likes, based on the stamps they have collected. Not only will this give you an insight into the type of product they enjoy but also, it will enable you to spot specific shopping patterns. This is especially true if the stamps are dated because you can ascertain how often they shop and use it to your advantage.

Encourage extra sales with product discounts

A stamping system is an easy way to retain customers. After all, if they have the opportunity to get a discount each time they earn a stamp, why wouldn’t they keep returning? You will find that as your reputation grows, your customers will actively promote your products and/or services to others. Since word of mouth advertising is said to be one of the best forms of advertising,

Attract new shoppers with coupons and points

In addition to using rubber stamps as a way of retaining existing customer, consider using rubber stamps to entice new customers! A simple way of mastering this is to introduce a points system, whereby the customer collects points for every stamp/product purchase. These points could then be redeemed as coupons and used in-store.

Tip: Brand awareness can be improved further if you ask social media users to ‘tag’ you each time they see your stamp somewhere. This will encourage activity among consumers and make others wonder what the fuss is all about!