Consider the complex challenges technology and value-added resellers face when shipping just one package of computer software overseas. First, the goods must be cleared through a high-security data centre often far from their final destination.

To accompany the shipment, exporting entities must also prepare a wide range of documents in accordance with the receiving county’s rules and regulations, facing the risk of delays if there is just a small mistake in the paperwork.

Even when clearance is granted, there is no guarantee their expensive assets won’t get lost on their way to clients. Should the transaction turn out to be successful, imagine trying to undergo this tedious process every time a new order comes in from abroad.

While exporting entities could hire a new importer of record to help things along every time they ship a package to a different country, why not take advantage of global importing services out there? When an importer has multiple points of presence across the globe, it makes it simpler for resellers and streamlines the distribution process as they only have to partner with one company for all their exporting needs.

Furthermore, those in the business of shipping IT equipment or other dual-use and controlled-use goods should look to work with a global importer that specializes in these types of sensitive transactions.

TecEx is one importer of record with a point of presence in 136 countries; their knowledge and experience afford them the ability to clear hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of equipment quickly and compliantly irrespective of what roadblocks customs puts in place.

When you want to save time and money at the border, don’t let your IT equipment get stuck in customs — work with a partner who offers hands-on service;one who helps resellers prepare all important documentation from a commercial invoice to freight delivery waybill among other certifications, permits, and licenses while also ensuring their accuracy.

Apart from taking the stress of a delay out of the equation, they also liaise with forwarders and freight services and provide access to their own couriers, seeing each shipment arrives where it is supposed to.

Not only are they a reliable importer to partner with when shipping to any of the above countries, they apply for value-added tax recovery on behalf of their clients from 40 of the above countries where this refund is applicable.

Resellers can expect to receive this money back within 6 months of clearance; funds that once had to be written off become available to resellers to invest back into their businesses which is a truly unique aspect of this importer’s service.

Shipping technologies to just one foreign country can be a stressful job, let alone to multiple. Resellers should then be partnering with an importer able to take on multiple transactions, alleviating as many of the pain points associated with global distributions as possible.

By choosing a relationship with a non resident importer of record who does much of the legwork for their clients, resellers can enjoy guaranteed clearance within just 10 days of their quotes being accepted regardless of how many different places they’re shipping to.