Choosing who to hire is one of the most important management decisions any business owner can make. Get it right, and your company will soar to new heights, get it wrong, and your company may never recover from the setback. Here are a few tips to help you ensure you have your pick of the best and brightest.

Understand the role

If your enterprise is very small or very new, you may be recruiting individuals who can work across a range of areas. However, as your company grows and the roles within it become more specialized, you will not only need to recruit individuals who have the exact skillset you require, but also identify precisely which roles are the higher priority.

The best way to achieve this is to spend a sufficient amount of time writing out your job description and thinking about the educational background and experience your ideal employee is likely to have. Also think about the job title, as your definition of what you require from a particular role may be different from what is required from someone with that same job title in a different company. Be as clear as you can to leave no room for error. The more time you spend on this stage of the process, the more likely you are to end up with the correct candidate.

The more you know about the exact role, the more specific you can be in the job’s requirements. This can be a huge bonus as such candidates will generally be of a higher quality than many of those who apply for the position.

Bring in specialists

As the leading national employee assistance program provider, the ESI group is able to supply a wide range of services to your staff such as personal counselling, peak performance coaching, legal and financial services as well as childcare, wellness and lifestyle benefits.

It’s a sad fact of life that many candidates will embellish their resumes in a bid to improve their chances of getting a job. Others may leave out key details that may affect their suitability for a particular position. A further service available at the ESI group involves detailed background checks on potential employees that enable you to be absolutely certain that you have hired the best possible candidate for the job every time.

Offer support and guidance

Regardless of how much experience your new hire has, they won’t be able to bring their best to the table unless you offer them all the support they require. Studies show that as many as one-third of all new hires leave their jobs in the first six months of their employment. Establishing strong onboarding procedures that are implemented the moment a new employee comes on board can help you dramatically reduce this figure within your own enterprise.

Put time aside to make sure your new team member is absolutely clear about what they are expected to do, encouragement when they do well and the necessary guidance to bring them back on track if they should make a misstep.