Backpacks are handy for carrying lots of other things. They are designed to evenly distribute their load on your shoulders and hips, making them easy to carry for several hours.

Millions of people heavily rely on backpacks to gather things such as laptops, books, little stationeries, etc. Travelers love backpacks as they prove to be useful companions that come in handy in various circumstances.

Instinct Backpack has introduced a new way of back-packing experience. Instinct Backpack is designed for travelers, photographers, businessman, and commuters.

Check out the details of Instinct Backpack on Kickstarter.

It is not just a bag for holding everything inside. It handles every item like an assistant with the revolutionary Instinct Packing System and 6 functional “Incubes”.

Combining with the Instinct APP, everything packed can be well organized on the packing list of the APP. The App also notify travelers the weather and socket type of destination.

Every traveler must has an experience of forgetting something and even their flight time. Therefore, the Instinct App is here to remind the users of their flights details and items to bring.

Powered by Velcro, Instinct Packing System allows you to customize your backpack compartments with 6 different functional Incubes. You can move around your Incubes as easy as you move the apps in your smartphone.

Founded in Feb 2017, Instinct Backpack is a London based backpack design company by a group of travelers and designers. After so many travelling experience around Europe, they decided to reinvent the backpack because it is the most important companion of travelers and none of the current products can satisfy their needs.

To pre-order the backpack, visit Instinct backpack’s Kickstarter page.