Recruitment is an integral part of any organization. In fact, you may be dependent upon the traditional method of recruiting a workforce for your organization. You may ultimately need to go for the automated recruitment solutions. No one can undermine the efficiency and ease of use that automated recruitment software can provide you. How would you choose an effective and trustworthy CRM tool? Here are a few tips when choosing a Recruitment CRM.

Choosing the right CRM can go a long way in promoting your business in the right way. Having the best workforce is the key to ensuring an effective and long-lasting customer relationship, and can help you meet the goals and objectives you have set for your organization.

With hundreds of options available, while choosing the best Recruitment CRM, it may be a little difficult to zero in on an efficient option. The first step you should involve yourself with should be to understand your requirements. Here are a few points you may need to give a thought to.

Budget and costs

The developers of the Recruitment CRM can make the product available at a good price, to begin with. However, the licensing cost can become a financial burden in the future. As has been observed, the licensing would be dependent upon the number of users that the software has been made available for.

There are other costs that involve configuring your system and providing training to your staff who is supposed to handle the responsibility of Recruitment CRM. There are a few CRM service providers who include everything in one fixed monthly recurring cost. Checking out all the possible cost-saving options in beginning is a wise choice.

Integration with your existing tools

If the new recruitment CRM you have been looking to purchase requires that you setup everything anew, it may cause you to not want to purchase it. There is an expectation of any tool that it would be able to integrate well with your existing software.

There are few points here, though the exact blueprint will be dependent upon what you want it to integrate with the resources that you already have. Greenhouse Recruiting CRM can be a good example from that point of view. It integrates with all your existing resources seamlessly. A few necessary integration requirements would have to be analyzed on your organization’s end before making the final decision.

The CRM should sync with your social accounts and let you post advertisements. Check whether it can interact with your website. This can help you create a form to help the prospective candidates register through your website so that your CRM synchronizes with the data. Effective integration with your calendar, contacts, accounting software and the timesheet are the other necessary features you should look for in your choice of Recruitment CRM.

Ease of use

One of the tendencies most of us succumb to is the quest for more features. The same is true when choosing a Recruitment CRM. More features should always be a great option, but what should be the most important is the ease of use.

Note that you are opting for a Recruitment CRM so that the process can get easier as compared to the traditional mode of recruitment. If the CRM that you choose is making it all the more complex, it would not be a good CRM to use. Ensure that you can run all the functionalities of the CRM tool efficiently, easily and more important – intuitively.

One point is that you should not be forced to refer to your notes or guides for the basic tasks while working with your Recruitment CRM tool. Keeping things simple and intuitive is the key to better CRM software. Entering and retrieving data related to your day to day functions with the tool is what should be the easiest part of managing your software.


You are bound to face impediments every now and then. No matter whether you have opted for the best in the industry, but still – you may need a help with your CRM software. The service provider should be able to provide you the right assistance at the right time efficiently.

The software vendor should be capable of providing the support when required in a timely manner. Ensure that your support staff is provided adequate training on the use of the tool. Constant updates with the added functionality would be another added advantage.

In conclusion

Choosing the right Recruitment CRM may not be a huge concern if you can follow the guidelines we mentioned here. Never opt for a tool without having conducted thorough research on it. CRM is a big investment and it has a huge bearing on what your future workforce will be capable of delivering. If you want your business to prosper, you need a strong workforce and the right way to achieve this objective is to invest in the right Recruitment CRM.