Businesses are often referred to as team games. If you don’t have a collaborative effort and pre-planning, then your strategy lacks focus and direction. These important stages are often compared to that of successful football teams, as there is a similar process of preparation, strategy, and reflection that goes into every game.

Some of the most important factors here are the ways in which business help their workers to evaluate and reflect on tasks completed. Often there is little or no time for this, so teams struggle to make improvements for new projects and the whole process becomes unproductive in the long term.

To help employees understand their place in a team, looking at the approach just like a football match may prove beneficial for long-term productivity goals. Check out some of the top reasons why this has a great effect on both success and motivation of your team.

Planning and strategy

Before a team heads out onto the pitch, their coach has planned a strategy to help them achieve the winning score. The same can be said for businesses. Planning an effective strategy are the building blocks to building a successful business idea, and everyone has to be on board.

Think like an athlete

Footballers have a focused mindset, which enables them to keep their mind in the game, plus they also believe in their abilities. From a business perspective, if you encourage your workforce effectively, everyone starts to improve their mindset and contribute with their full attention on the project at hand.

Evaluate and reflect on success and failure

There are always times where teams lose a game but bringing the constructive elements out of this determines the overall success in the long run. Businesses can learn from this reflection and evaluation of performance, as many have little time or no time to look at this fully after a project has finished. Also, when companies do look at the ways to improve or the successes of a project, they are often not communicated to teams effectively to help praise or understand the issues.

Use team strengths

Football teams are most effective when everyone is working together, and this can be said for businesses too. Just like taking a chance on the odds at, sometimes risks need to be taken when putting teams together in order to match performance with personality. Not everyone will get on all of the time but building an established and resourceful team is not only great for productivity, but it also helps keep workers motivated and eager to complete tasks quickly.

Utilizing the elements of effective strategy as displayed by many football teams, your business will start to see the benefits of collaborative working. Creating a hub for planning, implanting strategy, reflection and feedback also help to promote a positive workspace for everyone to deliver projects with full communication and support from management and peers. Try these steps today and see how thinking like a football team could prove advantageous to your organization.