Printers are ubiquitous in our offices, but when it comes to saving space and money, many of us wonder if we actually need them. Paperless offices have been discussed for many years and with advanced technology, there is a common perception that the need for paper could become a thing of the past. But, the truth is very different. There are very few offices that are in fact paperless and worldwide we are using more paper now than we did many years ago.

Workers find it easier and much more convenient to print off a document, grab themselves a pen and makes notes and changes. This is achievable digitally of course by using programmes such as Microsoft Office and Adobe Reader but for some, it is not as appealing as being able to take your pen and paper anywhere in the office.

Reading on computer screens can be tiring and damaging to the eyes. When reading documents on the computer we have a tendency to skim over things, which increases our chances of overlooking errors. On paper, it is a lot easier to read things thoroughly.

A printer and paper is a far more cost-effective solution compared to using different kinds of software. Paper is cheap, it can be stored neatly, easily and is readily available for use. Printer prices, of course, vary depending on their quality but it is guaranteed there is a printer designed for everyone’s different needs and are incredibly affordable.

You will often need to use both a printer and a digital solution to get your job done. For example, when you need a contract signed at work by a colleague you can simply print the document, get it signed, and then scan it back through your computer using an all-in-one printer (one that features a copier and scanner).

This allows you plenty of flexibility in the workplace, as you can convert your paper documents into digital format and vice versa – something you would not be able to do without a printer in the office. They’re also relatively easy to maintain, as constant use keeps the printer heads clean and ink is readily available to purchase to replace dried up cartridges.

The printing industry is growing making it more affordable for many offices to have new, modern and updated printers. From inkjet to laser and dot Matrix to 3D printers – the possibilities are now endless. Whatever you are using a printer for in the office, the convenience of just being about to print something quickly and share with your colleagues is very likely to have a place in your office for a long time to come.

Whilst society is quickly moving into the digital age, a time where printers will no longer be needed is not upon us yet. As long as your office has a good quality printer and plenty of paper to hand, the chances are everyone will remain happy using them.