Buying a new car is a unique experience. A car is probably one of the largest investments you will ever make (after a house), so picking the right one is crucial.

Many of us look forward to the process, but others may find it incredibly daunting, especially given the huge amount of choice that faces buyers today. Everyone has a story about buying a car. It’s probably an experience that will never be forgotten.

DriveTry wants to help buy your dream car without the hassle, frustration, and inconvenience. The platform provides a great environment for new car buyers to research cars, read reviews, or ask questions.

The company also allows you to book a test drive at home (or any convenient location), and compare offers from official dealers and get great deals on their new car purchase.

It’s a one-stop service for the convenient and trusted car buying experience you want. Their peer to peer platform lets current car owners share their car experience by providing test drives to other people looking to buy one.

Owners earn money each time they share their car experience and new car buyers get a real owner’s honest opinion with the added convenience of test driving at home or work and at a convenient time of their choosing that works with their busy schedules.

Here is how DriveTry works

1. Sign up, add your vehicle details and set your availability. You can change that to any time that suits you.

2. DriveTry then matches you with a customer near you. When you arrive, you share experience owning your car and go for a test drive together.

3. Rate your experience with the customer to help DriveTry provide a great service. Get paid to your bank account. It’s that simple.

Get more from your car. You can get points for each test drive you provide for discounts on shopping, car services and many more. Answer customer questions online to earn more.

Looking to buy a car? You can start here. You become a host by signing up at