Finding new ways of boosting your business can be difficult when there are so many options out there to choose from. Where traditional applications have had their moment, cloud-based apps are now leading the way through the market to provide efficient solutions to any type of issue within a business.

A cloud application is one that you can perform tasks on over an internet space, rather than relying on your computer hardware as the only resource. From marketing to storage, there are a whole host of apps that will help you optimize your business, and there are some which you will find much more useful than others.

Managing your virtual applications

Before you start using the multitude of applications available online, it’s wise to have a system in place which will help you manage all the programs you are using. Not only will this improve how you use the cloud, but it will also streamline all of your applications so you can manage them at the click of a button. Make sure you choose the best VMware partner to help with this process and set you up for the future.

1. Slack

Slack provides your employee base with a virtual communication hub for when they are both inside and outside the office. It has been celebrated for the ease at which it can connect workers and stimulate a comfortable working environment. Not only this, but it acts as a space through which your staff can discuss new ideas, share work, and voice call with each other. The best thing about Slack is that you can integrate other apps into theirs, which makes sharing work much easier.

2. Inuit Quickbooks Online Plus

Inuit Quickbooks Online Plus provides one of the most useful accounting apps in the cloud market. It lets you create invoices, keeps track of expenditure, and follow trends in your cash flow. You can even run your own payroll for people in your business, alongside paying freelancers quicker than usual. Its system is perfect for start-ups or small businesses who need a helping hand with finances.

2. Carbonite Server Backup

Keeping data safe in a business is one of the top priorities, and so you will need an app which keeps all of your information backed up in case anything was to go wrong. Carbonite prides itself on keeping up to date with evolving threats to business security and makes the process easy for anybody who is struggling to set up a reliable server back up.

4. Docebo

Learning in the workplace is imperative to furthering the skillset of your team. As a result, you will need to have a learning platform that enables you to get the right information across to your employees. Docebo allows you to upload resources and training materials, as well as tracking both the individual and group process of your business.

5. Infusionsoft

As with any company, marketing is key, but keeping track of campaigns and customer relations can be difficult when you need to use different apps to do it on. This is where Infusionsoft comes in, which is great for anyone wanting to plan marketing workflows that include email marketing and e-commerce.