Are you intending to open a new business abroad? Do you anticipate expanding the current company to a new land? It is important to identify a jurisdiction that focuses on assisting enterprises to grow rapidly. The selected country should have a very stable political administration and financial system. One investment jurisdiction that meets these considerations is Hong Kong.

Note that to take advantage of this jurisdiction; you must start by incorporating a company in Hong Kong. There are two ways of incorporating a company in Hong Kong.

One, you can register the company alone. This means you have to do the name search, prepare the documents, look for an office, get a company secretary, and fly to Hong Kong to present the papers to the registry. This is a lengthy process that most entrepreneurs find cumbersome to follow. The alternative is using an agency.

Two, you can register a company with the assistance of an agency. Agencies are registered firms that are allowed to assist offshore investors to register companies. The agencies are considered better because they are operated by professionals with a lot of experience. They also assist you to register the company faster without taking a flight to Hong Kong. In this post, we demonstrate how investors can take advantage of company incorporation agencies in Hong Kong.

Tips to help you get more from a Hong Kong company registration agency

  • Use the agency as the company secretary. One of the main requirements for company incorporation in Hong Kong is having a resident secretary. However, this can be tricky and expensive. Think of running adverts on the dailies and holding lengthy interviews. Instead, you can use the agency as the company secretary. Because the agencies are operated by professionals, investors are assured of enjoying faster growth.
  • Use the agency office as your enterprise address. The process of getting office space in Hong Kong can be lengthy and complicated. However, you can use the agency’s office as the company address to cut on costs. After the enterprise gets established, you can get another office and shift.
  • Use the agency’s professionals when drawing company strategies. Most of the agencies have been in the Hong Kong administration for many years. This means that they have been with great businesses that have grown from Hong Kong to multinational levels. Therefore, involving the agency in drawing the operational strategies will help you craft the best strategies for growth.
  • Use the agency for progressive market assessment. The company registration agencies in Hong Kong have experts in marketing to assist companies coming to the market. By involving them to carry progressive market reviews, it will be easy to understand new customers’ needs and stay ahead of the competitors.

When you contract a company incorporation agency in Hong Kong, do not limit its work to registration services. Rather, ensure to utilize the firm to cement the business operations, cut cost, and expand to the neighboring markets. Remember that success in using agencies depends solely on picking the best firm with highly qualified and committed staff.