The internet seems to have overshadowed physical signs, such as the ones in front of physical stores. However, these physical signs are just as important as any internet presence. Without a good, eye-catching sign, your customers will not be able to find you. And if they do, an unappealing sign may turn them away before they even set foot in your business. Before you begin the design process for your physical sign, go over these important design principles. You heard it from these PR Firms – physical signs still matter!

1) Emphasize your sign with strategic lighting

Not every customer will be visiting your shop during daylight hours. And, even if you run a traditional business with a 9-5 workday, without proper lighting, you’re missing out on important advertising. Yes, your physical sign is essentially free advertising for your company. In order to ensure that your sign gets the attention that it deserves, you need to place strategic lighting around it.

This lighting should be located either underneath the sign (on the ground) or above it, shining downwards. The entire point is to make your sign easy to read in the dark. Place the lighting so that the words are clear, but so that it’s not so dramatic that it literally stops traffic. On top of this, any lighting needs to adhere to city ordinances.

2) Spend time on the design process

You shouldn’t rush through the design stages for your sign. The last thing you want is to make a split second decision that results in a sad-looking sign. Instead, consider every element carefully. These include color, materials, and size. When it comes to color, focus on which ones represent your company. You don’t want to use shades that aren’t in your logo.

The background should be neutral so that the main design stands out. As far as materials are concerned, there are a number of options available. Most signs are made from brass, stainless steel, aluminum, acrylic, glass, or bronze. You do need to stay within your budget, while at the same time, picking one that represents your company. Is it classic? Or modern? Finally, the size needs to be taken into account. How visible do you want the sign to be? What are the dimensions of your front lot? You need to pick something that fits the space, yet has an impact.

3) Do some testing

Before you make any decisions, have your designer create a mock-up of the sign, with views of how it will look in front of your business. This gives you a chance to do some testing. You’ll be able to determine which size looks best, as well as what it will look like when it’s completed. Not everyone can visualize these things, so this testing phase is very useful. You can tweak the overall design and size before manufacturing begins.

These three tips, from these PR Firms, will help you choose the best physical sign for your business.