’s quick code search empowers developers to find the code they need. It’s a free stand-alone desktop application designed to be the best search experience possible.

It supports Linux, Windows, and Mac and integrates with a wide variety of platforms, including Stack Overflow, GitHub, search engines, and custom data stores.

In addition to your local code base (that never leaves your computer!), GitHub, and Stack Overflow, also offers you a wide open world of resources to find that missing code or solution to your problem.

Rather than embark on an hours-long side quest searching for information in unknown terrain, brings the answers to you. With its straightforward interface and near-instantaneous results, is an essential tool for every aspiring developer.

When drawing upon the bounty of the internet, developers always run the risk of encountering bad code from murky sources, but filters Pro Search results machine learning, license type, peer reviews, and even your company standards in order to reduce that possibility. Even more importantly, you can sort results or hide results to assist in compliance and review processes.’s “paste comments” option tracks the origins of copied code, illuminating sources and allowing you to see important information about where your code comes from at a glance.

If your company leverages InnerSource, is a great companion to improve reuse and broaden awareness. This helps developers more easily leverage internal company code ensuring that developers are building on a solid foundation. uses Electron to deliver a seamless multi-platform experience. The team uses Vue.js to make it beautiful and use a myriad of other tools to get the details right.