It’s a well-known fact that businesses, startup or established, must engage website visitors within the first 15 seconds or less. If you cannot draw people into your cyber world, and that includes social media platforms, you’ll lose them to the back button in no time. This is why UX design was designed, and why it is becoming one of the most important IT aspects today.

What is UX Design?

In this case, UX stands for user experience, and UX design engages a user’s senses even though he or she is looking at something on an electronic screen. Donald Norman, who is an expert in user experience, first coined the phrase, and UX is based on several concepts. The four primary ones are information architecture, interaction design, user research, and visual design.

1. Engage with use

When you combine all of them, you come up with six primary benefits to engage your potential and existing customer base. The first is usefulness. Your website and social media platform must meet people’s needs and solve their problems. You must understand why people have come to you, and you must address that reason immediately.

2. Engage during usage

Once a visitor is drawn in because he or she can see you can help, he or she must be able to navigate through the platforms quickly and easily. User experience designers help page builders create a website that is appealing, easy to use, and well organized. Your visitors must be able to get from Point A to Point B without having to search for the proper links.

3. Engage with enjoyment

Visitors must enjoy themselves, too. If they get bored, they’ll click away. As mentioned above, they get bored quickly, so make certain you use UX design to engage your audience using as much of their senses as possible. Experts working in UX jobs London and worldwide know the power of audio and visual stimulation online.

4. Engage with design

These experts work with UI, which is an acronym for user interface. This goes beyond graphic design that looks pretty. User interface design assaults as many senses as possible without being too busy. It’s the design that makes sending an email a button-click away, for example. That “Contact Us” button on your homepage that connects you immediately.

5. Engage with simplicity

But does that “Contact Us” button stand out, or is it lost in the shuffle of your other home page items? Just because you want to assault your visitor’s senses with a website and social media platforms that entice them in and keep them occupied doesn’t mean they should be busy. Simple is better. Keep it clean, consistent, and brand incorporated.

6. Engage with freshness

Finally, you must be up-to-date in your business and your marketing must be up-to-date, as well. You cannot build your brand and then leave it the same way forever. Your platforms must remain fresh and with the times. Five years ago, people wanted pictures; now, they want live podcasts. All platforms must be timeless yet time intuitive.

Harness the power of the internet for your business startup. People research everything online today and they must be entertained. With the appropriate UX design approach, you’ll boost your customer base in no time.