Ever since its initial launch on July 5th, 1994, Amazon has experienced the rise of a small market to a revolutionized online marketplace that delivers millions of products internationally.

Amazon’s 24th year anniversary is coming soon, and there have been questions posted about the e-commerce giant’s next move. And it would be a promising day as Jeff Bezos plans to announce the next project goals for Amazon Day One and their next HQ2.

Will it be a success? Why or Why not?

To recap previous news, the Seattle based giant has narrowed 238 North American proposals to about 20 spots in its new headquarters. Amazon HQ2 will be the second headquarters that’s located in North America.

What are some of the locations?

Some of the proposed sites are great candidates for Amazon’s new location. For example, Montgomery County, PA has a 45-acre White Flint shopping mall, which would be a great location if Amazon plans to settle down there.

Evidence has shown that Amazon might be placing themselves within the Northern Virginia area. Specifically, Bezos has teased that they might expand to an area near the Dulles International Airport.

Amazon has expanded their presence near the proposed site. The area has over 26 acres of undeveloped land located on the border of Fairfax and Loudoun counties.

On the other hand, Maryland is offering $8.5 billion in additional incentives. And the site would be placed near the DC Metro. It would be a 40-minute ride that cuts through the traffic heavy Rockville Pike from the Bezo’s family home in DC’s Kalorama neighborhood.

Amazon’s economic impact

Amazon’s HQ2 will help bring a multitude of benefits towards the economy. While they already have a headquarters in Seattle, its expansion to this new location will bring the following benefits

Financial investments

Amazon plans to invest $5 billion for the construction and development of the headquarters. This will lead to about 50,00 high paying jobs as its initial headquarters in Seattle. On average, the salaries per employee will be around $100,000 while expanding from a 500,000 to about 8 million sq ft within a 10-17 year period.

What does this mean for the city?

While Amazon will increase the projected area’s profits, locals will still need to provide tax breaks, incentives, and perks such as an infrastructure investment that’s targeted for mass transit. No matter where Amazon places their new HQ2, it will bring a lot of economic advantages for the surrounding location and the residents that live around it.


Jeff Bezos has teased that Amazon’s location might be around the Virginia region but always expect the unexpected. Wherever the mogul’s plan is for HQ2, it will bring a lot of new jobs, improved city infrastructure, and a great plan to solve the Amazon shipping late problem.

In conclusion, we will have to see how Bezos continues to develop his project and his plants in the future. So far, it’s looking pretty bright for Amazon.

Do you have any questions in regards to Amazon shipping late or comments about the new HQ2 location?