Guitars are likely to get damaged when not being played, especially when stored in an inappropriate way. The most common way for a guitar to pick up damage is by being knocked over or dinged. If you want to reduce the chances of this, you can get the best protection for your guitar.

Erez Hoffnung, a guitar fanatic, and a former corporate attorney has created G-Suit to address a problem every guitar player faces. He wanted a way to keep his guitars out on a stand for easy access, without constantly having to dust them off and change rusty strings.

Putting his favorite guitars back in their case was no solution – so he had to find a way! Together with the help of two industrial designers, they found a practical and elegant solution.

The G-Suit guitar cover is a great solution for a problem guitar players face – keeping their guitars both protected and accessible.

The G-suit is now live on Kickstarter.

G-suit protects the guitar’s fretboard, neck, and strings by keeping them away from environmental hazards such as smoke, dust, and humidity, all of which lead to corrosion and rust!

G-Suit is made of two integrated parts: A central firm body that is designed and shaped to protect the neck, fretboard, frets and strings from nut to bridge, and soft wings for enveloping and closure.

G-Suit’s lower part is rigidly shaped to provide full protection to the guitar strings.

G-Suit’s inner part is covered with luxurious soft velvet to give your guitar even better protection. It also includes anti-slip strips to prevent G-Suit from slipping along your guitar’s neck.

Apply and remove G-Suit in less then 10 seconds using two hidden rigid ledges on each of the wings, which help stabilize G-Suit on the body of the guitar. The cover easily folds to half its size so you can conveniently put it aside. G-Suit is designed to fit the main sizes of acoustic guitars (14-fret neck and 12-fret neck).

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