If you want your hair salon business to succeed, you need to improve it all the time and invest in growth. This industry is growing but at a very slow pace. That’s why you have to be proactive in trying to bring your business to the top. To achieve this, you might need to rethink your working hours, invest in equipment from premium brands, and launch a referral program that will offer some great benefits.

How to Take a Hair Salon Business to the Next Level: 3 Strategies for Improvement
1. Be open when the customers need you most

Working during regular business hours brings the numbe4r of the customers that literally can use your services to the minimum. The reason is simple, they are working as well.

Therefore, the most important strategy that can see your hair salon business grow is changing your working schedule to ensure that you can catch maximum traffic. This will mean working very early in the morning and late into the night, as well as on weekends. However, the fruits of this change will be immediate as you’ll be able to attract customers who want to get the service but aren’t able to.

You should also plan your working hours for the holiday season very carefully. Working double shifts might be necessary to manage the influx of clients. Few people realize that a hair salon is very much a ‘seasonal’ business. Therefore, adapting to those changes will give you an edge in the market.

2. Invest in equipment from the leading brands

It’s not enough to use good equipment in your salon, you have to leverage the brands too. According to reports, Australians more willingly spend their money on premium quality products when it comes to the matters of beauty. Use this to help your hair salon business grow by purchasing equipment and supplies from the brands your customers will know.

You should consider including this in your marketing. For example, cite a business report on the electric hair clipper industry that shows the leading and growing brands. Then let it slip in your campaign that you have just upgraded your equipment with products from one of those premier brands like Wahl. You should also train your employees to ensure they mention these developments when working with customers and highlight the benefits of these tools. Never forget that the word of mouth is the main driving force for a hair salon business.

3. Create a referral program that will work

Speaking of word of mouth, you need to use its power to the fullest. This means actively encouraging your customers to share information about your salon. However, sharing posts on social media is nowhere near enough.

You need to motivate your customers to bring more paying customers to your door, and a referral program is most effective for that. Design it in a way that will encourage people to actually use your services. For example, offer a free trim to every customer who is mentioned as a source by your other customer when they book an appointment of their own. Be sure to give a discount or an additional free service to those who come to you through referrals. You might not make much from that first appointment. However, you get a chance to win a loyal customer. Bear in mind they are here because someone they know already trusts you. This gives you a headway on the road of making them loyal.


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