Joe makes the world go round. No, we’re not talking about your average Joe. We’re talking about a well-made cup of joe.

Estimates place the figure just under three-quarters of all coffee drinkers pouring a cup to begin their day, and studies show that coffee drinkers live longer, too! Considering this, it’s easy to see why cafés have sprouted up on what seems like every corner along your daily commute. If you’ve ever wondered what it would take to get in on this goldmine, you are not alone. Beyond that, it may be easier than you think to own your own bustling barista paradise!

The first key ingredient to a great cup of coffee is location. It is extremely important to survey the area you intend to anchor your business in. You need to know your competition, your potential customers, and the needs and desires of the community. Does your community sport subway outlets emerging from the underground at regular intervals? If so, you’ll probably have a lot of foot traffic, and should consider walking needs.

Do you live in a suburban, commuter neighborhood? Then a drive-thru window is a must. Will you be in competition with huge, chain coffee shops, small individual proprietors, or are you the first to market? These factors will play a major role in choosing a great location with the right mix of features that will see your venture succeed or find you driven out of business right away due to poor planning.

Style is also critical to the success of your business, both inside and out. When you step into the world of coffee, you are drinking in the experience of the place, not just its beverage. That experience begins as the customer comes into contact with the façade and culminates with a cup. What your shop makes its drinkers feel is as important as the order they place. It is essential to welcome your customers into the world you are creating from the moment they see your business and then become immersed in it as they step through the front door and prepare to order.

Every coffee shop provides a new feeling. What yours says speaks to your style, but also that of those who frequent your establishment, so make sure to visit your competitors and take note of the style and habits of the people you hope to sell coffee to. If you live in a community of extravagant readers, a homey, librarian essence may be just the hook you need to compel your customer base.

Likewise, if you live near on-the-go business professionals, then a more simplistic and streamlined design focusing on providing easy movement might be more apt. Alternatively, you may decide to incorporate your store as a dedicated meeting space, and populate it with furniture and amenities more attuned to a staff or boardroom to make discussion and corporate creativity more comfortable in its presence.

Finally, and most importantly, the cup itself can make or break your venture into the world of brewing. One important tip you should keep in mind is to seek out great deals on your silverware, furniture, plates, and anything else that will be used by you, your staff, and your customers.

Many suppliers have incorporated multiple areas of restaurant supplies into their inventory. Vega Direct is a preeminent one-stop solution for all these needs. Rather than spending precious time searching high and low for plates here, mugs there, and kitchen supplies somewhere else, you can quickly acquire all of your essentials of service in one central marketplace.

Starting a business can be terrifying if you don’t prepare for it correctly. But there are a few easy steps that can be taken today to launch a fabulously popular and successful coffee house in your neighborhood tomorrow. With the right planning and a little observation, you could be well on your way to coffee cup fame.


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