LiquidBits, a producer of 3-D games with intuitive, natural interfaces, today released a building-block game specifically designed for the multi-touch interface of the iPad and iPhone 4. A 3-D building game.

Toppal™ recreates the childhood fun of building and destroying structures within a virtual, multiplayer environment.

Players enjoy an interactive experience that goes beyond the constraints of creating real-world towers with features like hyper-realistic physics and better-than-real ‘structural re-arrangement’ and demolition.

# Toppal utilizes advanced physics to alter the behavior of game objects
# Testing showed that players who take the one minute interactive walk-through, quickly learn the intuitive touch- screen gestures needed for selecting, removing, and placing blocks.
# Scores increase as players improve their skill and towers grow in size.
# Games are saved manually or automatically, so players can suspend game play as often as desired, or make moves even with only a few seconds to play.
#Advanced multiplayer features of the game will be available only in the upcoming full-featured version of Toppal.

Toppal HD Lite for iPad, and Toppal Lite for iPhone 4 with a limited features set, is available today free of charge on the iTunes App store.

Available on the appstore

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