Customer Solutions Group, LLC (CSG), a Colorado-based start-up focused on consumer-facing retail solutions, today announced the launch of Digital Folio®, the first multi-channel, real-time shopping platform that lets consumers price compare on the fly.

Digital Folio allows you to shop across channels (web, mobile, and in-store) and save your shopping finds in a single place so you can access, update, and share your results—even on Facebook!—anywhere, anytime. Digital Folio allows consumers to compare products and prices and receive dynamic money-saving offers from retailers, all in real-time and based on shopping behavior.

Digital Folio intends to redefine this experience in several ways:

* On the Web, Digital Folio provides retailers the ability to have their brand and promotions visible within the browser while consumers shop online at manufacturer or competitor websites. For example, retailers can now re-price assortment or present product-specific offers in real-time at the very instant a consumer is comparison shopping on a competitor’s website – thus driving increased consideration, traffic, and sales.

* For retailers and advertisers, Digital Folio provides a game-changing way to compete on-line and across channels.

* For consumers, Digital Folio provides real-time product comparisons, promotions, and social shopping, all while allowing consumers to easily collect product information in one place. Any information they choose to save in their Digital Folio is always available to be viewed, enhanced, and shared at home, on a mobile phone, or in a store on any Web-enabled device.

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