Digital media channels have given new meaning to Marketing. The rapid rise of social media may be the most important evolution to impact marketing in decades. It changes everything. It enables businesses to influence new buyers (rather than sell to them), interact and engage with customers (instead of having a one-way dialogue), and it puts the consumer in control of shaping and influencing a brand (not marketers).

  1. People that feel “wronged” want to be heard as much as they want to evangelize what they love. Find them and interact with them
  2. Consumers can influence how fast a new product is adopted and liked, and they can bring a company to its knees when they set out to damage a brand. Reach out and tell them about your new product
  3. Communication on social media platforms is transparent and perceived as much more authentic than traditional advertising and marketing. Join the train
  4. When consumers embrace a brand, they turn into its greatest promoters, bringing a level of legitimacy and authenticity to your brand that you couldn’t possibly buy. You cannot promote your products and services alone.
  5. Leadng and guiding your brand 15 minutes a day will not hurt. You will marvel at the impact
  6. Encourage interactive dialogue with customers and prospects by posting a blog on your Web site. An update could take less than 15 minutes.
  7. Customers are the best source for innovative new ideas, and social media gives them a channel to share suggestions to improve products and business processes. Help them to help you.
  8. Listening tells you what people want to know. If you monitor what is being said, it will tell you if a need is being fulfilled or not. Take 15 minutes a day to listen.
  9. Share valuable information and content with others who would benefit from it. Thank people who open their network to you or make introductions that help you.
  10. The marketing department can provide education and training, share best practices, provide guidelines for use with other departments 15 minutes a day to promote products.
  11. Make it easy for your customers to find you and your company in lots of different places. With 15 minutes a day you can start spreading your wings and open your doors to clients and potential customers alike.