Scanbuy pulls information from its ScanLife Shopper engine, so any UPC code MMS scan will return price information, and could include reviews and coupons. Scanbuy allows you to create, edit, and track any code at any time.

The ScanLife application runs on all major operating systems. Users can now simply snap a photo of a barcode and send it via MMS to 43588, or e-mail to, to be decoded.

The application is free, but you may be charged for standard data rates depending upon your phone plan. If you do not have data in your plan, each scan sends a few hundred bytes of information which should cost no more than a penny. Your normal data rates will apply when you browse the internet or send a text message after a code has been scanned.

“Scanbuy’s technology now allows a brand, agency or retailer to reach at least 80% of today’s camera phone users with industry standard barcodes,” says Scanbuy CEO and president Mike Wehrs. “The user experience now ranges from taking a picture and sending it (a seven keystroke solution) to a zero click, very fast recognition when using the ScanLife app on the over 190 models of phones that are supported.”