MyLikes is a word-of-mouth advertising platform on the social web. Unlike traditional advertising platforms which are run of site or based contextual data, such as the page being viewed or the search executed, MyLikes is centered around personal recommendations from friends.

If there is a good match of potential advertisers to one’s interests, sharing a “like” becomes easy. The platform encourages social publishers to create endorsements for brands, venues, people, products and services they like.

MyLikes enables brands and advertisers to reach potential customers using “influencers,” or people who have a hefty following on Twitter and YouTube. While influencers are paid, they can choose what to tweet about and can do so in their own words.

The MyLikes On the Go app is now available on iPhone and Twitter, so active participants can get notifications for relevant campaigns on their smartphones, where they can instantly post likes to their streams, be it Twitter, YouTube or Facebook.

Advertisers on MyLikes include Coca Cola, Microsoft, Sony Music and Axe Hair products.

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