Two former Microsoft engineers have launched a travel search tool that combines product search with end-to-end route planning.

rome2rio is a travel search engine that shows you how to get from anywhere to anywhere using various means of transport.

rome2rio finds you the best routes by searching:

  • Flight schedules for 670 airlines serving 52,346 routes between 3,636 airports.
  • Trains servicing over 37,000 stations in Western Europe, Eastern Europe, India and China.
  • Driving and car ferry routes for most countries.

rome2rio aims to give users every possible option for getting from one place to another, including flights, ferries, trains and driving routes.

“The airport-to-airport thing has been solved really well by Kayak and Hipmunk, so we want to do the other end, like from the airport to where you want to go. Because no one goes on holiday at an airport,” said founder Michael Cameron.