# Mike McCue is the founder and CEO of Flipboard.
# Flipboard is a social magazine that aggregates web links from your social and creates a personalized magazine.
# After high school he built and sold video games then at age 19 went to work at IBM
# Mike McCue founded Flipboard in early 2010, together with former Apple iPhone engineer Evan Doll.
# Mike worked at Netscape as Vice President of Technology
# In 1999 he founded Tellme; sold Tellme to Microsoft in 2007; ran Tellme as a Microsoft subsidiary for 2 years
# He joined Netscape after their successful acquisition of the first company he founded, Paper Software, a leader in 3-D browser technology.
# Microsoft bought Tellme in 2007 for $800 million

# How the Flipboard idea was conceived.

When I left Tell Me at Microsoft, I wasn’t sure what I was going to do next. But I did know one thing – that I really like building products and thinking about product design and so on. So I knew that I would start prototyping ideas and things like that. I started looking around for somebody who I could work with, to just start prototyping things. And Evan Doll, one of the early engineers on the iPhone team at Apple, was someone that I got the chance to meet.

When we got together, we decided to do a thought experiment: imagine if the Web was washed away in a hurricane and we needed to build a new one from scratch. What would it look like? How would it be different? What would the user interface be? Would there still be the notion of a browser? If you build a totally new Web, knowing everything we know today and where the technology is and where it’s likely to be heading, what would you do differently?

# Flipboard has secured $50 Million funding at $200 million valuation.