Likester launched last week wants to help you understand what people like. This includes your friends, your neighbors, and people you’ve never met from across the street or around the world. When you sign up with Likester, you contribute your anonymous data (what you like), in exchange for seeing what everyone else likes.

What you have “liked” is publicly available information anyway, so you’re not giving up any privacy to play.

Users can view both what’s popular among their friends and what’s popular with everyone on Facebook. The Friends and Everyone sections rank the lists of liked items by what’s most popular, but you can also filter the results by any of the 50 offered categories.

Users can view everything they’ve liked in the My Likes section, which also provides a method to “unlike” items. There is also a Trending page, displaying what people like right now, and you can filter this data by category or location.

According to the founder Kevin McCarthy “One of the favorite activities of early Likester adopters appears to be researching how social media relates to their life. It makes sense that the most engaging and intimate social experiences are simply extensions of your existing online persona, and that’s what we’re trying to provide.”