Gogobot believes that by bringing together your social network with your travel plans, you can get advice from people you actually know and trust on how best to spend those precious vacation days.

Plan a trip with great travel recommendations from friends and people who travel like you. Collect and share where you’ve been in your Gogobot passport.

“We basically started the company because I felt that travel on the Internet was totally broken,” said Travis Katz, CEO and Co-Founder of Gogobot. “We want to make it so that nobody has a bad vacation again.”

How it works:
After signing up for a Gogobot account, the site links to Twitter and Facebook to find fellow Gogobot users, who can be followed. When looking for advice — say you’re going on a trip to Vienna and want to know where to get the best linzer torte — the site posts the question to Facebook, Twitter, and within Gogobot itself.

Users can then respond to the question with their reviews and comments, and the site’s database matches suggestions to provide an address, website, phone number, and additional reviews.