Earbits is a marketing platform for music related products built around interactive radio experiences. Earbits works directly with labels, high quality artists and live music event promoters to create innovative internet radio-based promotions that turn listeners into loyal fans and consumers.

They provide commercial-free streaming music on Earbits.com, Earbits Mobile Radio apps, and across a variety of affiliate website partners.

Earbits  offers you the freedom to bounce around between genres, unlimited skipping of songs and advertisements that relate specifically to the artists being played.

If you connect to the site via Facebook, the station will show you channels it thinks you will like based on preferences in Facebook. You may hear artists you know, but you’ll also hear a wealth of less well known, curated bands that the folks at Earbits have personally pre-screened.

Earbits currently offers an iPhone app and their web site is compatible with the iPad, but they plan to come out with new and improved apps soon.

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