Part of the magic of getting bloggers to write about your startup is to make it as easy as possible to put together a story. Bloggers are always looking for the next story to break or the next app to review. If a blogger stumbles upon your app he or she needs to get the right information as soon as possible. It is your responsibility to make that happen.

These are among others what most bloggers want to see at your press page that is if you have created one. Its important to have a press page. The following are crucial for your startup’s website if you want bloggers to write about your product without necessarily approaching them. Even if you make contact with bloggers, they can make a quicker review if these are available.

  1. Video/podcast/other interview with the founders
  2. Company logos in different formats (.jpg, .eps, etc)
  3. Screenshots of your product
  4. Team or founder bios
  5. Video guide of how the product works
  6. Links to what other bloggers have said about the product
  7. How your product works, including contact information
  8. Link to your most important/relevant blog posts related to the company/product/service
  9. Link to where you keep your latest news releases
  10. Head shots of company executives/spokespeople
  11. Key features descriptions and customer testimonials
  12. You can also take the basics of your media resources and package them together into a zip file to make them easy to download