The most popular choices for a startup launch are either to launch at a big event like SXSW or Techrunch Disrupt, or by just announcing the launch to tech blogs like Techcrunch and Mashable. But not everybody gets to be at such events or be featured on popular tech blogs. You can adopt the following strategies for the new startup you are about to launch or have just launched.

  1. You need to create something awesome. It either needs to look visually stunning, or offer a completely immersive and addictive user experience.
  2. People should want to talk about your app.
  3. Prepare well, and hide every last detail. Then, when the time is right, prep the press and launch at full capacity. You should know what you are doing and the official launch must be thoroughly planned
  4. A carefully placed trail of hints, teasers and full blown video demos can also be very helpful. Sustain the teasers until launch. The idea is to spread as much information about your product before launch as possible
  5. You can also send out press releases with promo codes to a list of blog sites just before the official launch.
  6. Make a press page on your web site, and have all of your artwork, videos, and everything else that reviewers might need if they decide to talk about your startup.
  7. You can also leak sneak peaks of screenshots of the app a  month  prior to launch. This will help build anticipation
  8. And of course create a blog and write about the development process and what people should expect without necessarily telling readers about what you are building.